Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs

The search for quality hex maps is over! The product of a successful 2020 IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign from our Grognard’s Realm division, Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs was designed to fill a void in RPG gaming. There are plenty of free maps available online, all of them laid out in squares. People who play classic RPG The Fantasy Trip, or other RPGs featuring tactical combat in, prefer the advantages of hex maps, but one is hard-pressed to find any professionally-designed ones. Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs includes 30 full-color, professionally-designed dungeons, temples, and other locales where your adventures can unfold.

Cover to Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs

More than half of the thirty maps in Tactical Hex Maps are hand-drawn, and the entire book is in full-color, giving it an eye-catching aesthetic. Each dungeon includes background information, and some are fully-stocked, although the Game Master is free to re-stock any map to his or her choosing.

A detailed closeup of a portion of one of the hand-drawn map from Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs.

Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs is currently out of stock, but the PDF edition is available online from DriveThru RPG. This edition is crammed with over half a Gigabyte of bonus materials, including print & play Undine counters for use with the Frozen Fountains of Fate scenario. Other bonus materials include several of the maps in blue for old-school Game Masters, printable bitmap files of some of the maps that are commercially available at https://thegamecrafter.com/designers/grognard-s-realm, postcard-sized rule cards, pictures of the maps in various stages of completion, and more!

One of the Tactical Hex Maps maps, in blue. RPG companies printed blue maps to deter photocopying.

This book was designed with Steve Jackson Games’ The Fantasy Trip in mind, but the maps can be used with any fantasy RPG system. You can own and download Tactical Hex Maps For Fantasy RPGs, and get adventuring immediately, by visiting this DriveThru RPG product link:


College-Bound Radical High

Today, Paradox games released a new module for the Radical High RPG. College-Bound Radical High is a resource for Game Masters that introduces the advanced rules for Radical High.

Cover art for College-Bound Radical High

What Is New

The primary feature of College-Bound Radical High is the Focus Track. The focus track is a meter that tracks five areas of activities: academic, economic, fitness, leisure, and romance. Each of the five categories has an activity meter that tracks how much time a character focuses on each type of activity. The purpose of the focus track is to keep a character’s teenage life in balance. If a character neglects certain areas of his or her life, the character will not perform as well in that area.

Radical High is a dynamic game that crosses genres. It is designed as an RPG that deals with teenage drama. However, it also is set up to work as a game of intrigue, where players have Cold War-themed adventures, facing Soviet operatives. It alternatively can be used to explore stranger things, in settings where teens can ride their bicycles in search of dangerous alien or cryptological species. College-Bound Radical High has rules for both, including bicycle rules. Charts and guidelines are included for purchasing, riding, and repairing bicycles. Several monstrous creatures are profiled, including an 80s staple: Gremlins. Other creatures drawn from folklore populate the book, to get the adventuring party started saving their town from dangerous monsters.

What is the 1980s without iconic shopping malls? So much of teen life took place there. College-Bound Radical High includes a fully-stocked and historically accurate 1980s mall, located only a few miles from Radical High. You’ll find well-established outlets there, as well as defunct ones whose heydays were in the 1980s. There are also some real and fictitious regional chains and sole proprietorships which add character and an authentic retro feel.

Over two dozen new character traits have been added, including plenty of negative traits, to help players create enriching, dynamic and balanced characters. There are charts to help GMs create teacher personalities, and… well, so much material has been crammed into College-Bound Radical High, that there are going to be some surprises!

The Scenarios

Two scenarios come with College-Bound Radical High: Masquerade Dance and Bring On The Hooters! Both scenarios are dramatic situations that can be dropped into any Radical High campaign.

Masquerade Dance is written to be played with a female lead PC, but the roles can be reversed for male characters. A school dance requires every student (and faculty member) to arrive in costume. An amazingly-skilled dancer takes to the floor, but dressed as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, no one knows who it is.

In Bring On The Hooters!, the 1980s rockers, The Hooters, run a contest, with the winning school getting a free concert! Will your school come out on top? …Or will they have to resort to dirty tricks to get ahead?

College-Bound Radical High is available in PDF format, with a physical edition coming soon. You can own and download the PDF edition of College-Bound Radical High in seconds, with only a few clicks, by visiting this link on DriveThru RPG:


College-Bound Radical High is not a complete game. It is a sister module to Radical High: Core Rulebook. You’ll require Radical High: Core Rulebook to use College-Bound Radical High. You can purchase the PDF edition at this link:


NOTICE: The RADICAL HIGH RPG is a historically accurate game. As such, it contains politically incorrect content. It does not seek to offend, but it is not for everyone.

Have a totally awesome time in the 1980s!

Radical High RPG

Paradox Games is proud to announce its first RPG, Radical High. The game is based on Paradox Games’ 2d6+ roleplaying system. the 2d6+ system is a straightforward set of rule mechanics that requires only a pair of six-sided dice to play. This system can be used to design any game, but it was developed hand-in-hand with the framework for Radical High.

Cover Art for Radical High Core Rulebook.

Players in Radical High portray junior high or high school students in the awesome 1980s. The core rulebook focuses on playing dramatic scenarios, but the game is also open for Cold War game play, or, if you want to do some stranger things, sci-fi or fantasy adventuring. Everything in Radical High is designed around authenticity, so players who never experienced the 80s may role play in the 1980s as it actually happened, rather than in a retro-fitted caricature of the decade built by the internet.

Protoypes of Radical High Core Rulebook.

Also lending to the 1980s feel is the book’s physical design. The 32-page booklet literally looks like a small-press or DIY production, right down to the typesetting. Yet, it’s a sturdy, quality GM’s reference that will hold up even after vigorous adventuring.

Don’t let Radical High‘s semi-pocket size fool you. The core rulebook crams all this into 32 pages:

  • A map of Radical High
  • Character development with over 50 traits, including “A MacGyver”, “Rat Tail”, “Mall Jammer”, and “Zits”.
  • Basic rules of the 2d6+ RPG system
  • A brief primer on the 1980s
  • A quick glossary of 80s slang
  • 2 Starter scenarios and 2 idea seeds to get you started
  • 4 Student ID cards

Additional modules will support the main one, to provide resources for the GM and gamers alike.

You can own Radical High Core Rulebook by following this link. If you can’t wait, the PDF edition is available for instant downloading at Paradox Games’ DriveThru RPG site: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/350231

NOTICE: The RADICAL HIGH RPG is a historically accurate game. As such, it contains politically incorrect content. It does not seek to offend, but it is not for everyone.

Polyhedra Deck

polyhedra-03.jpgPolyhedra is a set of 7 polyhedral dice in a deck of 120 cards.  Each card depicts a standard set of polyhedral dice that simulates random rolling.  Die results are repeated at the bottom of each card for redundancy and easier identification.   Every die is balanced for statistically fair results.  Polyhedra is the perfect unique gaming accessory for dice and card collectors alike.

Own Polyhedra for $17.99 at http://www.drivethrucards.com/product/166541

Paradox Games: Our New Blog Home

The home of Paradox Games’ image web log.

Paradox Games moved its web log from Tumblr to WordPress.  It was a great decision: upload times are faster, the interface is friendlier, and we aren’t bombarded with overt political messages.  Direct any questions or comments to paradoxgames@mail.com.

2022 UPDATE: We neglected our official weblog here for five years, leaving behind only a skeletal structure of a web page. Now, Paradox Games has returned, and we’re going to reinforce our presence here in the WordPress-powered community. We hope your life will be enriched by the upcoming content on gaming in general, and Paradox Games specifically.